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How many times have you thought twice before saying what was on your mind? How many times have you kept silent altogether? And how many times have you too carefully chosen your words so as not to agitate anyone? 

If you've done it once, you've done it too often. And yet, women do it all day long. 

What's interesting is how we explain it to ourselves: we say we're using sound judgment and picking the right battles. Or, too often, we tell ourselves we're just shy, maybe even personally insecure. 

When we modify our speech, we tell ourselves we're being savvy, diplomatic and effective. After all, don't we want to use the words that will get the best result? 

There is danger in these rationalizations. We are perpetuating a problem that isn't even our problem. It's comes instead from an ancient "strategy" for silencing voices.  And it's everywhere in our culture. 

Because of that, it's invisible to you. And as long as it is, it will control you, rather than the other way around. 

Now, for the first time, I reveal this hidden force and give you specific ways to defend yourself against the many ways it shows up. 

It was designed to create an imbalance of power and is THE significant factor in women's powerlessness around the globe, even the ostensibly "most powerful" women.   
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and seeing this force for what it is. 

The future is in women's hands. It will only happen 

when we speak up and stand strong!

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Leann Ferry, CPC, ACC, MPA, is the creator of Speak Up | Stand Strong Project, Virago Woman and The Courageous Mindset. These programs provide private 1-1 and group experiences empowering women clients to get focused on the life they deserve to have, speaking up for it and standing strong against the blatant and so often hidden oppressive forces they face everyday as women. 

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